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Auckland Level 3 Update

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Wow, this has been a really long time in level 3 hasn’t it?! Seven weeks in at the time of writing, and no end for Auckland in sight.

We’re very hopeful that Auckland will be back in level 2 in time for us to host your Christmas parties, or at least at a version of level 3 that allows us to open our doors. In the meantime, we felt it was time to give you an update on how we are planning to approach COVID for the safety of our customers and staff.

1. All our staff are vaccinated

This is important to us. We have spoken with all our staff and have ensured that they are vaccinated. We are pleased to report that every member of our team is on board and double vaxxed. Our staff are also required to wear masks (see below).

At this point, no decision has been made regarding vaccination status of our guests. We will be watching government and hospitality guidelines and will provide an update as soon as possible.

2. Our events will be hosted as “private events”

The nature of our events is that we host only one group at a time. Therefore our approach to being COVID compliant during level 3 or 2 follows guidelines for private events, rather than those for a restaurant or bar.

Read more from the government here.

At the time of writing this means:

  1. We can host up to 50 guests
  2. Masking is not mandatory for guests, but is for our staff
  3. We will be ensuring a 2 hour (minimum) break between events for cleaning
  4. QR tracking codes will be prominantly displayed, and hand sanitizer will be freely available

3. While Auckland is in level 3, we are unable to host outside of Auckland

Our apologies to our customers in Wellington and elsewhere in Aotearoa. Our team is based in Auckland primarily, so need to travel to host events elsewhere in New Zealand. While Auckland is in level 3, with a hard border, we are unable to travel. We are once again hopeful that we will be back in level 2 in time to host your Christmas events.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon! In the meantime, stay safe and get vaccinated!

If you’re desperate to get your team together, talk to us about our digital Cook & Connect events, available at level 3 anywhere in the country.

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