At Social Cooking, we know the best team building events are in the kitchen

Social Cooking offers a unique competitive cooking experience to corporate teams or groups of friends. Our corporate team building events suit large or small groups, while our team of professional hosts will make certain that your event is the most fun it can be. At Social Cooking, we pride ourselves on being a Team Building Events business and will always strive to ensure that every event we perform has the highest quality of service.

What is Social Cooking all about?

Social Cooking foster creativity, problem solving and collaboration through a tried and tested formula team building event designed to create tightly bonded teams.

Cooking for others is how we create, nurture, and share.  In cooking together, we learn new confidence in ourselves and each other.  

Whether it’s a long lunch or a classic Kiwi party with everyone in the kitchen by the end of the night, shared food experiences bring us together.  Which is why Social Cooking team building events work every time.

Customer Reviews

"Fantastic team building and fun
activity that we all enjoyed"

- 5 stars, Google review

"Our team had an amazing experience
at Social Cooking… highly recommend”

- 5 stars, Google review

“Everyone had a blast with the
Masterchef Challenge… couldn’t
have been improved"

- 5 stars, Google review

Team Building Events at Social Cooking

At Social Cooking, workplace hierarchies are left at the kitchen door.

Instead, teams learn new ways of working together through a fun and fast-paced shared cooking challenge. They’re focused on working together on fun and familiar kitchen tasks, so they’re using everyday skills to solve new challenges.

We have created a safe inclusive space to enable teams to uncover and share hidden talents.  Everyone wins; no one fails, and every member of the team has a role to play and a chance to shine though team building events with Social Cooking..

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