Street Kitchen Challenges

Our Street Kitchen Challenges will take you and your team on an international culinary adventure! This is fast, frenetic fun at it’s jet-setting best. Perfect for teams who want a true Social Cooking challenge, but are looking to inject a taste of foreign shores.

Choose from authentic Vietnamese Pho, create a bowl of delicious Japanese Noodles or cross the Pacific for some Mexican Chimichangas. We have a range of Street Kitchen classic recipes from around the world for you to choose from!

Theme your event with a matching cocktail to kick things off!

All Street Kitchen Challenges are fun, fast and delicious!

30 min

To enjoy a drink, nibbles (if you choose) and prepare yourself for the challenge!

45 min

To plan, cook and plate your chosen dish for you and your team. Plus a tasting plate for our chef to judge!

45 min

Retire to the dining table to relax and enjoy your meal. Our chef will judge the dish of the day!

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