MasterChef Challenge

Social Cooking’s Masterchef Challenge is fast paced and perfect for your next team building day or staff event.

Your colleagues will break into teams, choose fresh ingredients from our pantry, then cook the most flavorsome and visually appealing dishes to take the crown.

Teams will need to work together to plan, cook, compete and win, making this an ideal team building event. There’s a role for everyone - even those who can’t cook will find a way to get involved.

Anyone can be a Masterchef with our Masterchef Challenge at Social Cooking.

30 min

To enjoy a drink, nibbles (if you choose) and prepare yourself for the challenge!

1 hour

To create a meal for you and your team from our pantry. Plus a tasting plate for our chef to judge!

45 min

Retire to the dining table to relax and enjoy your meal. Our chef will judge the dish of the day!

45 min

Dessert is served (prepared by our chef). Final winners are announced. Celebrations ensue!

What about a Brunch Masterchef?

Breakfast might just be the optimal time to host your next team building event with Social Cooking!

A great way to start the day, creating together, and exiting well fed and fully charged, ready to take on your next business challenge!

Talk to our team today and find out all about hosting your own Masterchef Brunch at Social Cooking.

What do Social Cooking events include?

All Social Cooking events include

  • The event itself, guided by one of our team of professional chefs

  • All ingredients required to complete the challenge 

  • A meal shared by all team members to wrap up

  • We even throw in a delicious dessert with any of our three hour challenges. 

Social Cooking are able to accommodate up to 100 people at our main premise in Auckland, and up to 300+ at our off site locations nationwide!

* Prices apply to Auckland and Wellington team building event bookings and do not include venue hire if required. Outside of Auckland and Wellington, prices are on application and may differ from those listed below.

  • Prices may vary depending upon group size

  • Minimum group size:

    • 8 guests in Auckland

    • 16 guests in Wellington

    • Group size for other locations is subject to location, date and availability. For more information, please contact our sales team.

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