Christmas Banquet Challenge

This is a Recipe Challenge with a difference! Bring your team together to create a shared Christmas Banquet for you all to enjoy! Your group will break into teams and cook up to four different recipes to produce a delicious festive lunch or dinner. Then take off your aprons, pull up a seat at our long tables, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labours.

Our Christmas Banquet could be just the thing you need, if your team needs more guidance. All the competitive challenge of a Social Cooking event, all the fun and time pressure, but following a series of seasonal recipes to produce a delectable Christmas feast.

Start by choosing a range of delicious festive recipes from our recommended selection, or make your own suggestions. We can theme this event to suit you.

Our chef will demonstrate your recipe, then the challenge begins! Teams have just under one hour to recreate the recipe, choosing ingredients from our pantry. Then, our chef will judge which team has produced the most authentic representation, based on taste, presentation and attitude, to decide which team wins.

Once cooking is over, your guests will come back together to share a drink or two, relax and enjoy the amazing Christmas Banquet they’ve worked so hard to produce. This event suits teams of all sizes, from very small to very large.

This event is approximately 3 hours in duration, and includes dessert. Ingredients can be adapted to suit all dietary requirements. Our team will also take photos of your Christmas party, and email them to you the following day. No photos will be published without your permission.

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