Christmas Mystery Box Challenge

The  Christmas Mystery Box Challenge is fast-paced and fully interactive, you’ll be part of a team tasked with creating an amazing dish using a range of surprise ingredients.

Take the ultimate team building challenge and show off your skills to win at your next Christmas party with our Christmas Mystery Box Challenge!

Our team will hand select a range of surprise fresh ingredients, plus one or two that are a bit more unusual for guests to cook with. Each team will be given the same ingredients. Teams will also be able to select a few pantry items to make their dishes the best they can be.

Those teams that cook the most flavoursome and visually appealing Christmas dishes will take the crown. 

Make your next Christmas party surprising and exciting with our Christmas Mystery Box Challenge!

30 min

To enjoy a drink, nibbles (if you choose) and prepare yourself for the challenge!

1 hour

To plan, cook and plate a meal for you and your team. Plus a tasting plate for our chef to judge!

45 min

Retire to the dining table to relax and enjoy your meal. Our chef will judge the dish of the day!

45 min

Dessert is served (prepared by our chef). Final winners are announced. Celebrations ensue!