When an event is booked with Social Cooking you accept and agree to our terms, conditions and booking policy set out below. You are responsible for checking and reading the emails that you will receive from us. You are responsible for ensuring your group to attend the event you have booked, on the day and at the time of that booking.

Every effort will be made by Social Cooking to ensure that your event is the best it can be. Please take the time to read and review our terms and conditions below. Please feel free to contact us should you require clarification.

Bookings and Venue

  • A booking is not confirmed until a 50% deposit has been paid, regardless of how far in advance the booking has been made. This deposit must be paid within 5 working days of an invoice being received.
  • All events must be paid in full 1 month before the event date.
  • All platters and drinks will be paid by credit card at the time of the event. An invoice for this can be provided by arrangement.
  • Social Cooking reserves the right to refuse bookings.
  • If our venue is unsuitable for any reason we deem reasonable, we reserve the right to move the event to another venue. This will be within reasonable distance of the original venue. We will provide notice of this move and will ensure the alternative venue is safe, healthy and fit for purpose.
  • If attendee numbers drop below 13, our minimum price of $1200 (plus GST) will apply.


  • No refunds will be given for cancellations for scheduled events made within 4 weeks of your booking date. This includes implied cancellation for non-attendance of a booked event, this excludes events booked for December (see below)
  • Any bookings that have had a 50% deposit will forfeit the deposit if an event is cancelled inside the 4 weeks. This excludes events booked for December (see below) Cancellation must be made in writing to katrina@socialcooking.co.nz.
  • As a gesture¬†of¬†goodwill, cancelled events may be rebooked within 7 days of the cancellation date. Rebooked events must be held within 6 weeks of the original event date. If these conditions are breached, any paid monies will be retained by Social Cooking.
  • Any event that has been scheduled and has not paid a deposit will still have to pay for the event in full if cancelled within 4 weeks.
  • Cancelling any event that has been scheduled for December within 6 weeks of the event date will forfeit the deposit. Any opportunity to reschedule the event will be at the discretion of Social Cooking.
  • Social Cooking reserves the right to cancel or postpone events for any reasonable reason out of our control.


  • In the event of a cook top being broken or damaged, we require the event hirer or company responsible for booking Social Cooking to pay for all costs incurred.
  • At the end of cooking and prior to guests departing, our staff will check that all cook tops and ovens are in the same condition as they were before the event commenced.
  • Should there be any damage to the cook tops or ovens, our staff will liaise with the event organiser to discuss damages and reach a resolution.
  • In the event of irreparable damage to cook tops or ovens, requiring replacement of this equipment, the event organiser will be responsible for the cost of replacement.