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Our Team – Alina Bista, Sales Manager

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When you, or a member of your team contact Social Cooking about an event, Alina Bista is the beautiful voice on the end of the phone. Alina has a wonderfully warm personality, is eternally positive and helpful, and is an essential team member. Our events just wouldn’t be the same without her!

Today we’re asking our owner and Managing Director, Katrina Horton, what makes her tick.

What did you last cook?

Alina Bista, Sales Manager

Alina: Miso Ramen soup. I am a big fan of noodles, and nothing beats a warm bowl of noodle soup on a cold Sunday evening. Boiled eggs, bok choy & edamame beans added the nutrition element and flavour to the overall dish. And it was pleasing to the eyes.

What makes a good team building event?

Alina: Openness. If your team is open to ideas, willing to try something different outside their comfort zone you’ll experience a fab team event. It’s the attitude that makes a whole of the difference.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Alina: Dinner, because I am nearly done for the day, much more relaxed and can enjoy my food. I
have always perceived dinner as family time. Growing up with working parents, dinner was
the only time when we could come together. We would talk about the day, school, exams,
results (dreadful at times) and vacations. Dinner is inclusive experience for the whole family!

Earliest food memory?

Alina: Mo:mos (Nepalese dumplings). I have so many memories of enjoying a plate of mo:mos with
parents, sibling and cousins. Whoever I dine with, I’d certainly have a plate of mo:mos.

Why Social Cooking?

Alina: It’s like spreading happiness and an experience to remember. It feels awesome to see
people come together, cook up a storm and have a great time. I feel very much satisfied and
motivated when I walk into the kitchen that’s bustling with people, laughter, music and
plates of delish food.

To learn more about what Social Cooking can do for your team, contact us here.