Our Team - Sudeshna Nayyar, Marketing

our team

Sudeshna is in charge of Marketing here at social cooking. She makes sure our media is up-to-date and our audiences are in the know about what is happening here in social cooking. 

What did you last cook?  

SN: I love to bake so the last thing that I whipped up in the kitchen was a carrot cake. I have been baking for many years, through trial and error I was able to perfect my very own carrot cake recipe which never fails to impress.  

What makes a good team building event? 

SN: Team building is about strengthening relationships and learning things about your peers that you wouldn’t otherwise get to know. A good team building event is about making sure people from different backgrounds and personalities can comfortably participate and make meaningful relationships.   

Breakfast, lunch or dinner? 

SN: Dinner, during the day things get busy so I tend to snack a lot through the day, but the one meal that I look forward to and take time out to sit down and enjoy is dinner. During dinner time I get to sit down with my family and catch up on how everyone's day went.  

Earliest food memory? 

SN: Gathering around with my family in a circle after prayers to eat dinner and banter about memories from my parents, and older relatives' childhood. The conversations sparked around this time are like opening an old jewelry box and listening to the tune while looking at the memories captured in the pieces inside.  

Why Social Cooking? 

SN: Social cooking is an innovative way to help people build on their personal skills like communication, teamwork and problem solving through the different formats of challenges that we offer. The kitchen is considered the heart of the home and what better way to build yourself and your team than in the heart of it all.