Matariki Inspiration

It's our newest public holiday, finally one with local flavour. Matariki commemorates the arrival of the Pleiades in our night skies, and marks the winter solstice. It is also a time for communities to come together and celebrate.

When we thought about Matariki, we realised that our knowledge of what this holiday actually means is patchy at best. So we hunted out this short video from Eat New Zealand, which explains the importance of food to this celebration, providing a bit of inspiration!

But what to cook? Have a look through this well curated list of recipes from Eat Well at The NZ Herald.

If you want to learn more about Matariki, Te Papa have a comprehensive list of recipes, activities and facts.

Or come to Social Cooking during Matariki (before 3rd July 2022) and talk to our team about how we can tailor our events to suit.