Organizing a team event? Look behind the scene

One would think you simply start with a date, venue, food menu and an activity of some sort! Done. Well, there’s much more that goes on behind the scene.
While some organizers will have clear picture of what they want for their team, many will just start with a generic statement – let’s see what’s available in the market. (BTW, if you’re reading this you’re already at the right market place)

Sadly, shopping for ideas is not as easy as general online shopping. You’ll want something that truly will help the team come together and have fun. An event that’s inclusive, fun and worth every penny. Most importantly answers the questions “will it deliver what the company is after?”, “is this suitable for everyone in our team?”, “will the event fit our budget?”

With all those questions in mind and a list of shortlisted ideas you’ll get to the most challenging part – pick the best event idea! Often decided via team vote or approvals by the seniors, you will see lots of yeah..nah.. thumbs up or thumbs down.

Once the decision is made you would think (yay!) team event sorted! The answer is not yet, as you’ll need to deal with constantly changing RSVP and last minute requests or cancellations. Oh, and not to forget the mission to pick a date that suits all.

Now that you can see just how challenging it is to pull a team event together, we’d like to say “three big cheers” to all our lovely team event planners out there. We appreciate the effort you put in to come up with a great session for your teammates. It’s more challenging than you’d think, once you look behind the scene.

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