A Social Cooking event is amazing, fun, interactive, competitive, with dinner, dessert, thrills and spills.


What happens at a Social Cooking event ?

A Social Cooking event is amazing, fun, interactive, competitive, with dinner, dessert, thrills and spills.
  • Guests arrive to our very cool live kitchen with our team busying themselves with final prep. This gives the impression of a pumping kitchen and builds suspense. The kitchen will be fabulous, colorful, ingredients all set, warm and exciting with music to set the scene.
  • A huge warm welcome, bags and coats taken from our guests to get everyone relaxed and welcome drinks served within 30 seconds.
  • We let this ice breaker session go for 17 mins. Platters can be served and often add allot value.
  • Chef debriefs the event exec, re agrees teams, intensity, judging, allergies, F bombs Y/N.
  • Chef then jumps to it. Teams set, team leader, creative director agreed with team name. Nearly ready to start cooking. Excitement high.
  • MasterChef pantry of mystery box presented and teams allowed to ponder, plan, scheme and ask for more ingredients to boost their dish capability.
  • Chef gives a powerful run through on health & safety to build energy and set the competitiveness, low relaxed or full on hell’s kitchen, you choose. Chef outlines the judging criteria, timing and a bit of a team wind up. We normally judge out of 10 on taste, presentation, team attitude and love note pitching their dish with points off for being needy.
  • Teams start cooking for 55 mins with huge Chef support. Chef gives support, postures and builds pressure. Catches teams cheating etc. Organised chaos.
  • Big pumping count down 10, 5, 2, 1, 30 seconds to go work on your color, height, presentation. Come on teams this is it.
  • Teams plate up a Micro representation judging plate for Chef.
  • Chef brings teams back into one big group/team. Huge high 5 for creating this magic. Well done. Amazing result. Lets eat.
  • Teams plate up and sit as a big family together for dinner. A beautiful warm time after the fun of cooking.
  • Chef judges each dish then gives live feedback to all.
  • We serve dessert.
  • Teams verbally have a right of reply, suck up to chef judged out of 10.
  • Prize giving awards ceremony. This is so much fun, suspense, amazement, normally gold, silver and bronze medals, for 1, 2 and 3rd, wooden spooner, best presentation.
  • Event ends with a huge round of applause for the team and our team. Well done.
  • Guests can stay on and meet Chefs as we all come back to normal.
  • This is a fusion of food, drink, fun and suspense. Like a bar, restaurant & dance club. It is so much fun, our guests love it.
  • The whole event magic is captured by our professional photographs. See one of our recent event albums here.
  • Working well and achieving successful outcomes together under pressure in a new environment.
  • Communicating individual and team strengths, skills, diversity, differences and achievements.
  • Outcome is it fuses the team together through cooking and food.
  • Allows teams to apply planning, preparation and social presentation skills.
  • Ensures team and individual members have fun and communicate outside work pressure situations.
  • Its a level playing field that all can participate in. Provides an equal station for all guests allowing seniors to be at the same level as staff.
  • Brings multi cultural staff together and allows them to power up and show their passion and skills.
  • Allows teams to celebrate and have a unique experience.

Key deliverables:

  • Action-Packed
  • Eat As A Team
  • Edgy
  • Fully Supported
  • Great Music
  • Hands On
  • High Energy
  • Inclusive
  • Memorable
  • No Cooking Disasters
  • Prize Giving
  • Rewarding
  • Stunning Finale
  • Teamwork

We have a fully stocked bar for wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks. Check out our bar menu.

We run shows at 9 am champagne brunches, 12 pm & 6 pm or a time that suits you.