Kiwi Harvest | Cooking For A Cause

Social Cooking’s initiative to fight food waste, insecurity & poverty with food rescue charity with KiwiHarvest – Rescuing Food. Nourishing Communities.

Social Cooking’s initiative to fight food waste, insecurity & poverty with food rescue charity  with KiwiHarvest – Rescuing Food. Nourishing Communities.

Social Cooking has collaborated to work with registered food rescue charity KiwiHarvest to deliver this incredible opportunity to have fun and learn something while helping those in need. $25 of the cost per person goes directly to KiwiHarvest, helping them deliver goodness to those in need around Auckland.

KiwiHarvest rescues excess good food, donated by supermarkets, bakeries, wholesalers, retailers and growers. With your help we can turn this into a nutritious meal for those in need who often do not have the experience and resources to cook for themselves.

Decades ago, the top companies recognized the need to invest time and money into experiences away from the workplace that helped employees get to know each other and work more effectively together. Today, the most dynamic and progressive employers are looking for opportunities where their staff can not only engage with each other, but also the wider community, in activities where there are positive outcomes beyond their immediate group. Using cooking experiences as a team building activity is becoming a preferred way of bringing people together.

The KiwiHarvest Cooking for a Cause Initiative is a team building experience where everyone wins:

– Your team will be challenged to work together and communicate with each other in a new environment, while learning new skills along the way.

– Good food will be saved from landfill, reducing carbon and methane emission. People in need, who often don’t know where their next meal is coming from will share a nutritious meal.

– Your participation helps KiwiHarvest to keep rescuing food and nourishing communities.

KiwiHarvest Cooking for a Cause your team will have helped to prepare at least 20 meals per participant that will be loaded into the van and delivered straight away. KiwiHarvest works with over 50 charities and recipient organisations including those helping: homeless, children, domestic abuse victims and refugees.

Have fun, learn about food rescue and what we should be doing with surplus food, while doing something really worthwhile – Come and Cook for a Cause.

We have a fully stocked bar for wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks. Check out our bar menu.

We run shows at 9 am champagne brunches, 12 pm midday and 6 pm, allow 3 hours for each cooking show.

We host up to 80 people on-site and up to 200 people off-site for food symphony, our full powered large group food extravaganza.