Host Your Customers

This event platform will get you up close to your clients. We have proven that a client event at Social Cooking achieves very high attendance and very good results. Ask about the case study. This event has been specifically developed and refined for our guests that want to host their top clients in a safe way.

We put on our best Chefs, who will deliver a discerning, fun and entertaining event. In our stylish Social Cooking kitchens, we can host client events in Wellington and Auckland. Based on the resulting boost in business and fantastic feedback, a client event at Social Cooking is very good for cementing relationships and getting to know your key clients much better.

For everything you need to know:

(1) A fully interactive cooking show, everyone cooks together.

(2) Friendly competitive pressure.

(3) Chef led so there are no cooking disasters.

(4) 3 hours.

(5) Kitchen equipment and ingredients from our mega pantry are provided.

(6) MasterChef style judging and fun prize giving based on taste, presentation and team attitude.

(7)  Everyone sits down together to enjoy and meal and a drink.

(8) We do the dishes!

Many Thanks For Our Event On Friday Night. Francis Was Fantastic And Funny And The Other Staff Were Great Too. Everyone Has Told Me They Really Enjoyed It. It Was A Great Way To Get All The Staff To Mix Up Instead Of Just Sitting Around A Table In A Restaurant. Thanks For All The Photos Too.
Kathryn Buchanan

Competitive Or Relaxed

Fabulous Ambience And Music

Advanced Judging Format

Key deliverables:

  • Eat As A Team
  • Great Music
  • Hands On
  • Inclusive
  • Memorable
  • No Cooking Disasters
  • Rewarding
  • Stunning Finale
  • Total Chef Support

We have a fully stocked bar for wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks. Check out our bar menu.

We run shows at 9 am champagne brunches, 12 pm  and 6 pm, allow 3 hours for each cooking show.

We host up to 80 people on-site and up to 200 people off-site for food symphony, our full powered large group food extravaganza.