Our Top 10 Festive Platters!

Successful entertaining during the Christmas season can be challenging, and I have to say, I find creating delicious looking, beautifully designed festive platters the absolute worst! This is where our old friend the internet comes in.

We've done the hard search yards for you to find some really beautiful, not too challenging festive platters that to can share with family, friends or your work colleagues. Guaranteed to elicit just the kind of oohs and aahs you're looking for this Christmas!

Here's our top 10!

Festive Platter #1:

This charcuterie wreath from Fig & Brie.

When it comes to snacks and finger foods, there is nothing quite like the versatility and variety a Charcuterie board can offer. Check out this tasteful savory, Christmas themed Charcuterie board. 

Festive Platter #2:

This candy cane caprese board from Recipe Girl.

Candy canes are a Christmas staple, why not add a savory twist to it. This tomato and mozzarella caprese board is festive looking and delicious. 

Festive Platter #3:

This candy Hot Chocolate Snack board from Southern Living.

Why not get everyone to add their own unique flavors and tastes to their cup of hot chocolate. After all no two taste buds are the same! Grab your favorite seasonal, festive and traditional hot chocolate toppings and lay them out to create a hot chocolate grazing platter. 

Festive Platter #4:

This Fruit Wreath from This Healthy Table.

This fruit wreath is vibrant, fun and easy to make. Head to your nearest grocery store and grab a selection of seasonal fruits to make this refreshing fruit wreath. 

Festive Platter #5:

These cute charcuterie cups from Overwood Artisan Platters.

These Charcuterie board inspired Charcuterie cups are perfect for events when you have limited space and want finger foods that are perfect for munching on while walking and socializing.

Festive Platter #6:

This delicious dessert board from Meg's Everyday Indulgence.

End a fun filled night of with this lovely dessert board. Load it up with a variety of sweet treats of your choice, pack on some beautiful colors and end of the night on a sweet note. .

Festive Platter #7:

This Nutella pastry tree from Eat Well 101.

Nothing beats the cravings of a sweet tooth quite like Nutella. Check out this pastry Nutella pull apart tree. Quick and easy to make, and easily paired with your favorite Christmas toppings. Try candy canes for added flavor and crunch.

Festive Platter #8:

These Candy Cane pops from Baking Beauty.

Candy canes are a Christmas staple. These candy cane pops are perfect as a minty after dinner palate refresher or added flavor to dip into a cup of hot chocolate.

Festive Platter #9:

These Salmon and Cucumber Bites from The Endless Meal.

These cucumber and salmon bite sized snacks are tasty and can be easily topped off with your favorite herbs and spices to add a kick. 

Festive Platter #10:

These simple Veggie Dip Cups from Unsophisticook.

Dips, a crowd pleaser and kiwi favorite. Pair your favorite crisps and seasonal vegetables with a dip in a shot cup to make for a easy crowd pleaser. Double dipping encouraged!

Festive Platter : Bonus!

At Social Cooking we also create delicious platters for our guests on request!

Bring your team in for your Christmas staff party, and talk to our team about what we can do for you.