Recipe Challenge

Sometimes you just want to be told what to do. Cooking is hard enough, without having to create a culinary masterpiece from scratch, right?

For teams that want a bit more guidance, Recipe Challenge could be just the thing you need. All the competitive challenge of a Social Cooking event, all the fun and time pressure, but following a recipe to create a delicious meal.

Start by choosing one of a range of delicious recipes from around the world. Our sales team will be able to share any of our wide selection of recipes, or make your own suggestion. From Mexican to Japanese, Italian to traditional Kiwi fare, we can theme this event to suit you.

After racing to pick out ingredients from the pantry, teams will have just under one hour to create their chosen dish. Once the cooking portion is over, the whole group will come back together to share a drink or two, relax, and enjoy the amazing meal they’ve worked so hard to produce.

Our chef will judge which team has produced the most authentic representation, based on taste, presentation, and attitude, and declare the team most deserving of the winner’s title.

This event suits teams of all sizes, from very small to very large.

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