Christmas Masterchef

This Masterchef style Christmas challenge is fastpaced, festive and fun. Turn up the heat, and cook against the clock to win! Our Christmas Masterchef Challenge is perfect for your team’s next Christmas party.

Your colleagues will break into teams and then compete to produce the best Christmas meal of the day. To celebrate all your team’s hard work, the whole group will sit down for a fantastic dining experience to enjoy the fruits of their labours.

Masterchef is our most popular format. Your team will choose fresh ingredients from our pantry, which includes a bounty of seasonal, Christmas dinner worthy ingredients. Those teams that cook the most flavoursome and visually appealing dishes will take the crown. Teams will need to work together to plan, cook, compete and win, which makes this an ideal team Christmas event.

All plates are judged by our judges (or a guest judge chosen by you), based on taste, appearance and sales pitch. The event culminates with a shared meal, drinks and dessert.

This event is approximately 3 hours in duration, and includes dessert. Ingredients can be adapted to suit all dietary requirements. Our team will also take photos of your Christmas party, and email them to you the following day. No photos will be published without your permission.

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