Christmas Events

Our Christmas active cooking shows will see your team celebrate this year in style. We run Brunch, Lunch and 6 pm shows for 12 up to 250 guests, in our stunning Auckland and Wellington CBD social kitchens. Add interactive Christmas cocktails to start.
Here’s what is in store –
  • Super modern social kitchen venue included
  • Pre event drinks ice breaker to let the suspense build – we are fully licenced and deliver a fantastic vibe.
  • Interactive cooking together in teams. Competitive or relaxed, Chef support & judging feels like on MasterChef TV
  • Great family style sit down Christmas themed dinner together.
  • Interactive Christmas Cocktails can be included.
  • Yummy Christmas dessert served.
  • Quality time at the end of the show for the team to relax and celebrate the big year some more.
  • Wonderful time to celebrate a big year and relaxed summer ahead.

There are only 2 Fridays and 3 Saturdays in December. Call  0275 526 335 to check or reserve your dream date.