Christmas Berry Trifle Recipe

Try this easy Christmas Berry Trifle recipe that is sure to bring the fun to your festive celebrations. Trifles are an easy flavourful dessert that can be easily altered to suit the taste buds of anyone making them. Our fresh Christmas berry Trifle recipe is perfect for summer or swap out the berries with seasonally fruit to enjoy all year around.  

Berry Trifle


1 Sponge cake cut into cubes 
2 Tbsp sweet sherry
2 cups of fresh Strawberries 
2 cups of fresh Blueberries
2 cups of fresh Raspberries + 1 cup to garnish (3 cups in total)
1L of custard (this can be fresh or store bought) 
250ml of Cream 
1 cup of kiwifruits to garnish
Icing sugar to dust on top 

2 liter trifle bowl to assembly


  1. Grab your trifle bowl and evenly place a layer of your sponge cubes at the bottom. Drizzle over the sherry. Top it off with 2 cups of strawberries with a layer of custard on top. Repeat this two more times with the sponge raspberries and custard then sponge blueberries and custard. 
  2. Once your trifle has been assembled, whip up 250ml of fresh cream until stiff peaks form, spread this over the trifle in the bowl and top off with our extra cup of berries and kiwifruit. Sprinkle it off with a dusting of icing sugar before serving it. 

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