Social Cooking is a complete events company. The company runs a very structured event with professional Chefs, event managers, and hospitality hosts and general staff.

Run by Graham Bloxham CEO and founder, Social Cooking was started in 2009. The company has run over 2800 interactive corporate and public cooking related events and hosted in excess of 75,000 guests and counting.

With 15 Chefs from all around the world, they have a very strong experienced team who engage, entertain and provide a warm, safe and professional team building experience.

With 15 + different cooking experiences allowing the client to pick from a show format that is tried and proven.


All shows have a health and safety briefing to the full room conducted at the start by the MC Chef focusing on:

– How the event will run allowing a general overview of the format to allow the guest to feel briefed and up to speed on what is ahead.

General hazards overview and equipment use.

– Knife safety, how to use, transport and work with sharp knives in the kitchen.

– Wet area containment. If a spill occurs we quickly isolate, deal with and get back to normal immediately.

Heat and hot areas safety

– The equipment is induction, no open flames and it is extremely modern and safe. We also discuss using mittens to remove baking trays. We have very few accidents, none since August 2016.

– In pop up kitchens we will use certified 9 kg gas bottles and triple burner cooking hobs. We bring fire extinguisher and blankets and burn cream is in our first aid kit. 1 person is responsible for turning gas on and off and all gas bottles are turned off at the end of cooking. The guests have no control of the flame.

Hygiene and Cross Contamination

-We encourage and require washing hands and changing chopping boards to avoid cross-contamination of meat to vegetables and discuss the cooking process to make sure protein is cooked safely.


– We are fully licensed and work closely with the event manager to define the needs and client drinking levels. We run a professional, safe and responsible drinking environment and provide a range of non-alcoholic drinks.

Allergies and Dietary

– We ask all clients about their guest’s allergies and treat all with care and develop menus and ingredients that provide for all allergies. Popular current allergies are Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal and Gluten free.

Moment of truth call

– After every event, we send a thank you email with the link to your event photos and seeking your recommendations.

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If you need further specific health and safety answers please contact Graham Bloxham