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More from the Office Christmas Party at Social Cooking!

The drama just keeps on coming! In this week’s episode our heroes from The Social Shop take their office Christmas party to new heights! And the smoke levels to even greater heights…..

Who will be the ultimate winner? Keep watching to find out.

We still have a few spaces left for your team’s office Christmas party this December, but only a very few. We’re also now taking bookings for 2021, so you can avoid the Christmas rush!

A team building event at Social Cooking is a great way to bring your team back together and get 2021 off to the right start. Get in touch with our team today.

Social Cooking Ep 3 |

The grand finale! Who will win over Chef Z’s heart and taste buds? 🍽️ Big thanks again to Social Cooking for their fantastic hospitality for our 2020 team day. Masterchef, eat your heart out. 😝

Posted by The Social Shop on Thursday, September 3, 2020