Food Olympics has got something for the ladies and the boys. This event is full of action-packed activities and interactive cooking.

Food Olympics pods is a mixture of interactive cooking and big team competition. The excitement builds as teams rotate to enjoy the food pods. This build into a massive fun prize giving and awards ceremony.

(join any 4 interactive experiences together)

  • Darts and Indoor Lawn Bowls – This pod is fun and competitive and the ladies are better at bowls… just saying!
  • MasterChef Burger Challenge – Prep, plan, cook and present the best burger ever as a team. Lots of food here
  • Cocktail World Champions – Shake and enjoy a cocktail to get the event started.
  • Taste Vietnam Summer Rolls – Like cooking Vietnamese street food, fresh and an amazing cooking experience.
  • WOW World of Wearable Arts Pavlova Decorating Challenge

We can run this from 30 up to 250 people and turn it into an all-inclusive feast full of delicious flavors.

Interested? Here is everything you need to know:

(1) Teams zoom around the Olympic pods and score points as you go.

(2) Chef led for high quality engagement.

(3) Gordon Ramsey level intensity or relaxed and friendly competition.

(4) Professional photographer to capture magic moments.

(5) 3 hour cooking show 9 am champagne brunches, 12 pm, and 6 pm shows.

(6) No group is too large! Great for 30 – 250 attendees.

(7) We provide everything.

(8) This includes a lot of food and we do the dishes.

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The atmosphere was electric, fun and very rewarding. Our staff can’t stop talking about the event.
Nicky Dubery, SKYCITY Auckland.

Advanced Judging Format

Competitive Or Relaxed

Fabulous Ambience And Music


Action Packed And High Energy

Hands On