This is a must do. Take your team into the wilderness and do a MasterChef challenge in the wop wops!!


A full on Masterchef style cooking like on TV with a touch of adventure and creativity. Its all about taking a risk and delivering an innovative dish that’s healthy and delicious. Here’s a cooking experience that will take your teams out on a foraging expedition and will need to create a masterpiece with the foraged ingredients incorporated. Then site down with Chef for judging, learnings and lovely dinner and dessert.

For everything you need to know:

(1) A fully interactive cooking show.

(2) Foraging expedition before cooking starts

(3) Chef led so there are no cooking disasters.

(4) 3 hours, teams of 2 to 4. 

(5) Kitchen equipment and core ingredients from our mega pantry are provided.

(6) Masterchef style judging and prize giving.

(7)  Everyone sits down together to enjoy the amazing creations and a drink and we serve a nom nom dessert.

(8) We do the dishes!


Competitive Or Relaxed

Teams of 2-5

3+ Hours Duration

Everyone Sits Socially To Eat Together Whilst We Serve Dessert

Advanced Judging Format

We have a fully stocked bar for wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks. Check out our bar menu.

We run shows at 9 am champagne brunches, 12 pm midday and 6 pm, allow 3 hours for each cooking show.

We host up to 80 people on-site and up to 200 people off-site for food symphony, our full powered large group food extravaganza.