Health Week

Introducing Social Cooking’s Health and Active cooking experiences.

We have developed a Health and Well being active cooking series of shows that we’ll bring to your work place. Shows run for 45 minutes at lunch or a time that suits and are hands on and extremely entertaining and valuable.

Great for between 20 and 60 attendees at a session. Priced as low as $49 per employee. Staff will pick up handy nutritional benefits, Knife skills and walk away with some stunning ways to improve energy, eat better and will result in a more productive effort. This is very much on trend! To give back, we follow up with the photos of the session send the recipes and can embed your corporate messages to be clear about the objectives and value delivered.

Check out the Health and Well being show and who we have run this with.

Contact Graham for a quote!

Graham Bloxham, 0275526335