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Corporate Team Building – The Winter Banquet Challenge

corporate team building

For teams that want a bit more guidance, our Winter Banquet could be the ultimate for corporate team building. All the competitive challenge of a Social Cooking event, all the fun and time pressure, but following a recipe to create a delicious meal.

Way more fun than a normal cooking class! Challenging without being too stressful, and most definitely not boring. This challenge is great for even novice cooks. The ultimate celebration for you and your team.

Choose up to four delicious recipes for teams to cook to create an abundant banquet for everyone to share! This winter, theme your event by choosing from:

  • Traditional Banquet, delicious, hearty fare
  • Curry Night for a taste of India
  • Alpine Feast to transport yourself to the snowy Swiss Alps
corporate team building

Your teams will have just under one hour to create their chosen dish, after racing to pick out ingredients from our well stocked pantry. Once the cooking portion is over, the whole group will come back together to share a drink or two, relax, and enjoy the amazing meal they’ve worked so hard to produce.

Our chef will judge which team has produced the most authentic representation, based on taste, presentation, and attitude, and declare the team most deserving of the winner’s title.

This event suits teams of all sizes, from very small to very large, and is a perfect corporate team builder.

This event is approximately 3 hours in duration, and includes dessert. Ingredients can be adapted to suit all dietary requirements. Our team will also take photos of your event, and email them to you the following day. No photos will be published without your permission.

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Talk to our team today about how we can tailor this brilliant corporate team building format for you and your team.

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