Louisa Krebs

Louisa Krebs

If you told my grandmother years ago when I wouldn’t eat my vegetables or most foods that one day I would become a chef, she probably would have told you to stop lying to her!

My journey began at an early age but I didn’t realise then that I would fall in love with food the way I have.

Starting at the age of 14 in a Chinese restaurant I learned skills that I’ve carried with me. I ended up giving in to my true passion and started studying at 20 to become a chef. I’ve worked from Melbourne, wellington to Auckland and places in between.

Starting at social cooking last year has totally satisfied two things in life I love. Cooking and socialising. Being able to teach people new skills is extremely rewarding to me. And seeing people having fun with food makes me smile, a lot.

You can never stop learning when it comes to food. Once you do, it’s all over red rover. Throw in the tea towel!

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