Graham Bloxham

Graham Bloxham



FAVOURITE DISH: Something Vegan

STARTED: Nov 2011

FAVOURITE VEGETABLE: Baby spinach in a green smoothie

HIGHLIGHT: Judging an ANZ show with Al Brown

THE SCARIEST MOMENT: The first two minutes and of being MC and judge for the CEO of Westpac and Aaron Brunell who won MasterChef and 80 of Westpac top managers for a 20 team pop up MasterChef. I can only describe it as an intimidating but energizing moment.

When Graham started Social Cooking in August 2011 he didn’t know the front end of a nice dinner or a decent dessert. He says he was a certified Kitchen nightmare. He also thought cooking dinner was a thing to be done in under 20 minutes including preparation. His dinners often met with “Ogh dad not that again”. My family are now slightly happier Bloxham says. The thing I get out of Social Cooking and serving people is watching people and corporate come in not quite sure what’s going to happen or what to expect and leave in a highly animated buzz having learned some hints and tips and having cooked a stunning dinner and had the most memorable entertaining night out in ages.

We have served in excess of 80,000 people and at NZ’s major corporates in Auckland and Wellington in a little over 6 years and have developed 50+ delectable recipes and 11 different world class cooking experiences from around the world. I live and love this business and serving you, our customers. Keep coming and we will keep challenging and entertaining you!

After hosting over 500 corporate team building events ranging from 6 to 300 guests Graham has decided to share his experience and will help train any person that wants to learn to present more effectively to audiences.
In an initial 4 hour session Graham will focus on:
  • Pre – presentation process the 6 Ps.
  • Powerful presentation.
  • Content structure and book-ending the event.
  • The time & excitement chart.
  • Guest engagement.
  • Working the zones.
  • Music to power up.
  • Exciting an audience through interactivity & simplistic presentation approaches.
  • Guest measurement.
To book a session email or call 0275526 335.

“Its not what you say, how you say it is that matters” Graham Bloxham


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