Brigitte Kriehn

Brigitte Kriehn

I’ve always been fond of being creative with food which is why I’d started as a Pastry Chef/Chocolatier at an early age of 15. At 23 I was a qualified baker and by the time I was 25, I was working as Head Chef at Hyatt Regency. Having worked for a shipping company for 5 years, I had chance to travel around the world and experience diversity.

My love for food and the desire to be innovative landed me at the very popular TV show MasterChef. Being a part of MasterChef 2013 NZ – Duo and making my way to top 10 was an incredible experience. Having won Top Dish of the day twice is something I am proud of till today. I have worked with cafes as Menu Planner, re written their menus to improvise and cope with the changing food trend.

Mother of lovely 3 kids, I enjoy juggling work and family. It has been a lovely experience working at Social Cooking, everyday I get to see and taste unique dishes and get to learn from guests who cook with us. Looking forward to more interactions, exclusive presentations and fun at the Social Kitchen.

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