Ciao – Namaste!

I guess after reading these words from two different languages, you realise that its Italian and Hindi (Indian).

My name is Bo!

Yes, I am a part of one of those strange Italian – Indian combination, but probably more of Italian as I am an Italian chef. I love to cook “real food” such as Pizza and Pasta. At really early age, my mamma was teaching me how to make roti and samosa (Indian food) and i was teaching her the makings of pizzas and pastas! Since that I decided that I will be a pro. in my chef skill.

I worked in few of the famous restaurants in Venice and just before coming to New Zealand, I also had a wonderful chance to work as a private chef for ‘Sophia Loren’.

According to the Social Cooking, I am one of the best pizza “maker” and “tosser” in the house. Social Cooking is the platform, which focusses on the three main criteria. Entertaining, Healthy & Delicious, where all the chefs descend to explain their skills and make it funny.

Lets see how you’re going to toss my pizza!!!”

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