Terms And Conditions

We are a fun place but we have to do some paperwork and have some rules along the line, so here it goes.

The Policy Around People Wanting To Extend A Social Cooking Voucher

We will let you extend your daily deal voucher if you have contacted us 14 days prior to the expiry date on the voucher with no charge. You must use the voucher within 3 weeks from the expiry date. After that date, there is a $25 per person rebook fee payable in advance by credit card. On all occasions whether paid or not paid the voucher must be used within 21 days (3 weeks) of expiry.

If a person contacts us before the 14 days and wants to book after the 21 day period a $25 rebook fee also applies.

Our Booking & Cancellation Policy Is As Follows:

  • No refunds, credits or transfers will be given for cancellations for scheduled classes made within 14 working days of your booking date. Any bookings that have had a 50% deposit will forfeit the deposit if an event is cancelled inside the 20 working/business days. Cancellation must me made in writing to graham@socialcooking.co.nz. All events must be paid in full 14 days before the event and all extras will be paid by credit card on the event night. By arrangement, an invoice may be issued and should be paid within 14 days from the event date.
  • Social Cooking regrets when this happens and as a gesture of goodwill it will endeavor to resell the event date and if successful will allow the booking to be rebooked and use the deposit as previous. The deposit may be used to book a new date within 90 days of the original booking.
  • Any event that has been scheduled and locked in and hasn’t paid a deposit will still have to pay for the event in full if cancelled within the 14 working day period. Any event that has numbers reduced must still pay for the minimum number allowed to run a class which is 16 people at the rate you have been quoted and paid your deposit for.
  • Any event that has been scheduled for December  and cancels at any time will forfeit the deposit unless we are able to re-sell the date. If we can not resell the date and reasonable notice of 60 days is provided in writing 50% of the deposit will be refunded.
  • We hate doing this but if Social Cooking needs to cancel we reserve the right to cancel/postpone classes/courses for any reasonable reason out of our control and will issue a voucher for a new booking which can be redeemed inside a 4 month period from the cancellation.
  • No shows or last minute cancellations are not refunded, transferred or credited.
  • We reserve the right to refuse bookings and will charge a $30 rebook fee for all bookings changed within 14 days before the booked date.

Scheduled Events

  • We do not accept bookings without payment in full or a 50% deposit on the date of confirmation regardless of how far out the booking is made.
  • Our booking system accepts bookings on our website on a first come first served basis.
  • When you have requested a booking it will be confirmed with an email from us.
  • We start our classes promptly at the advertised time.
  • The session times are specified as 2.5 to 3 hours. If you want to stay longer we can accommodate your stay for $150 per hour.
  • In the event our venue is deemed unsuitable due to numbers rising/falling or for any other reason we reserve the right to move the event and accommodate your event at another one of our city wide venues. We will give notice of this move and assure you all of our venues are safe, healthy and fit for purpose.
  • If your guest numbers drop below a number of approx 13 we have a minimum spend of $1300 will apply and be invoiced.
  • We reserve the right to send bookings to our Sister cooking show.
  • We reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time prior to an event in order to deliver a good event.
  • The company may at times run events side by side with two teams at the same venue and we will take steps to minimize clashes bit there may be a need for tolerance from both teams in the social experience. If you require exclusive please advise us in writing when you receive these terms and conditions. Note 97% of our events are exclusive naturally.


Damage To Induction Glass Cook Tops & Ovens

In the event of any cook top being broken or damaged we require the event hirer or company responsible for booking Social Cooking to pay for the damages, to be fixed. Our Chefs in their Introduction & Safely Briefing & as they demonstrate how to use the cook tops will advise “on being careful with Induction Cook Tops that are made of glass” do not chop on them or bang pans or glass bottles on them. We warn you to be mindful of this risk.

At the end of cooking & before the guests leave our Chefs will check that all cook tops & ovens are in the same condition, as prior to the guests arriving.

Should there be any damage to the cook tops or ovens the Chef will immediately share this with the person in charge of the event & ask for an explanation and make sure we agree how the damage occurred.

In the event of damage to cook tops or ovens, which requires the replacement of this equipment, this is the responsibility of the client to pay Social Cooking for the replacement of equipment to its original state, or reimburse Social Cooking for damage incurred; as our client you are liable for any damage caused.


The pop up event site in Cook street is a near by converted office we run events from.

This is a cool space, a converted office with nice sunny outdoor area. Decorated to the nines its not your normal venue but the Social Cooking magic and cooking model is the same. The venue has a bar and we cook with gas hobs using all the same ingredients and our team & chefs.

It does not have an extraction system and some chattels and some amenities like toilets are a little old and visually tired but are hygienic and functioning well.

We don’t require a food certificate rating as this is tagged to our main location and we provide hand sanitizer and boiling water along with other standard hygiene systems and health and safety measures that can be supplied on request.

The venue has a liquor license.

We bring these items to your attention upfront as we are professional operators and we are trying to help our customers find a venue for parties and we make every endeavor to provide a warm, safe venue.

Bookings Made With Gift Vouchers

  • Gift vouchers are valid for 3 to 4 months from the purchase date.
  • Classes must be booked & taken within that time.
  • We do not extend the validity date of vouchers, so please ensure that the recipient is able to attend classes at Social Cooking within this time before you purchase to avoid disappointment. If you choose to extend a gift voucher a re-book fee of $25 per person applies.
  • We reserve the right to cancel/postpone classes and will issue a new gift voucher for the next available class.
  • We do not issue cash refunds for gift vouchers in any circumstances although you can purchase goods at Social Cooking with them.

Terms & Conditions of Purchase of any cooking class

When you complete your booking through this website or any third party booking engine or promotional site is on condition that confirms you and your company accept our terms & conditions below and we have emailed you a confirmation email with this link embedded for your records. We have written them again below for your information.

“I have read, understood and agreed to the terms & conditions of booking a class, course and/or buying a gift voucher. I accept that Social Cooking and all its staff cannot or will not be held liable for discrepancies, mistakes, malfunctions or lost items of any kind relating to this order. I accept that all correspondence relating to this order will be sent to me by EMAIL to the address we/1 have supplied unless otherwise specifically requested in this order by myself. Social cooking and all its staff are not responsible and cannot be held liable for my not receiving or reading such correspondence.

I also accept that Social Cooking is a cooking school for the general public. It is not a polytechnic or high end chefs class and the quality of the cooking classes will vary in complexity from relatively easy to medium hard and you agree that Social Cooking is a cooking school that may not meet your exacting standards.

You will advise Social Cooking if you or your child attending, has food allergies and you agree not to attend a cooking class if you are known to have had an allergy to the menu, or has had a bug or any transmittable disease however low level prior to attending the class.

You agree that Social Cooking may take photos or video footage of you and will have continuing rights to use these recordings now, and in the future in digital or printed format. These reproductions may appear as digital still or video images available to be viewed or shared on the internet, including for Social Cooking’s promotional and marketing use. you also agree to Social Cooking holding, retaining, using your likeness in perpetuity, world-wide.

If for some reason additional costs are incurred to host your event, these costs will be passed onto the client. Additional costs, could be however; are not limited to items such as: Corkage, Security, Equipment/Venue Hire. Those additional costs will be passed on to the client with a 25% administration mark up.


When you book a class, course or buy a gift voucher you accept and agree to our terms, conditions and booking policy set out above.

You are responsible for checking & reading your emails that you will receive from us.

You are responsible for organising yourself or child to turn up to the class/es you have booked, on the day and at the advertised time of that class.

You will notify us if you wish to change or cancel your booking in the time set out above. If you don’t you will not be eligible for a transfer, credit or refund whatsoever.

We are a business and every effort will be made to ensure that you are happy, however, we won’t be able to bend these terms for explanations or excuses for not showing up to a class or cancelling your booking inside the times above.

If you have more questions about any of these terms & conditions please feel free to call us on 0275 526 335 before you book your class. We’d rather clarify things for you in the beginning rather than explain these terms again after the fact…

These terms are commonly practiced by businesses such as theaters, cinemas, shows and other establishments that you have to book time with. For instance, when you buy tickets to the theater, you go at the time advertised on the day. If you don’t you miss out. It’s the same with us. Another example would be if you have a gym membership that you pay monthly for, you still pay regardless of whether you attend – it’s your responsibility to go, they won’t refund you for the days you don’t go. It’s the same with us.