Social Catering – Wellington


Lets turn the un – interactive delivery service on its head. Shall we make catering more interactive, fun educational and competitive? Throw out that club sandwich or sausage roll as Social Cooking Wellington brings you an array of healthy and delicious meals at your office or a private function.

We can come with the lunch or dinner menu or come and include a demonstration of the menu or even better run a fully interactive show demoing the dish and then all staff follow and then have a lovely lunch.

We can deliver the yummy catering packs below or come and run the following interactive show formats. Alternatively book our new waterfront Meet and eat venue.

  • 90 Min MasterChef challenge – at your site or ours
  • Taste Vietnam Summer rolls roll up – Healthy and innovative
  • Sensational Sushi. Learn how to make sushi and them make it together and be judged on the most creative and tasty rolls
  • Cocktails world champions – we will bring cocktails shaker sets, ingredients, spirits and we all make and compete to be the best team cocktails
  • World of wearable arts pavlova decorating challenge
  • Gingerbread challenge
  • Blend it like Beckham smoothie challenge


Contact Graham 0275 526 335 for menu and interactive catering. 

Key deliverables:

  • Action-Packed
  • Eat As A Team
  • Edgy
  • Fully Supported
  • Great Music
  • Hands On
  • High Energy
  • Inclusive
  • Memorable
  • No Cooking Disasters
  • Prize Giving
  • Rewarding
  • Stunning Finale
  • Teamwork

We host up to 80 people on-site and up to 200 people off-site for food symphony, our full powered large group food extravaganza.