What Is All The Buzz About Social Cooking?

We host events our customers love and appreciate. We guarantee our performance and our planning process is both effective and clear. Our Chefs are exceptional entertainers and our model builds team unity and delivers amazing moments. Imagine a fusion of iconic bar, stylish restaurant and live TV set and add in your people for a magic event every time. Check out our video, our Facebook page. We host fun, dynamic events that people love and enjoy – If you need further feedback, check what our customers have to say.

Entertain Me… What’s The Format And How Does Social Cooking Operate?

A welcome drink is offered immediately (if you choose), which helps to galvanise the group and starts to build the vide and energy we strive for. We let the suspense build ahead of the fun and engaging Chef introduction. This sets the tone which is “everyone engaged”, fun, high-energy and dynamic. Then into cooking together with Chef support in teams of 2, 3 or 4.

Do We All Eat Together?

Yes absolutely. That’s what Social Cooking is all about. We replace the passive and often described as old fashioned restaurant dinner. A fantastic team building event with dinner and yummy dessert together.

What Is The Quote/Booking Process?

We listen to your event objectives and present experiences and a price that meet your goals and dream date. This includes: team size, recipe or cooking format, allergies, people of note, transport, and timing. You accept and then we send you a comprehensive pre-event summary for you to sign off.
After the event, we send you a debrief with amazing photos of your event!

Do You Have Different Priced Options?

Yes – we have cooking experiences starting at $79 through to $119 each (excl GST). Click here to see the most popular cooking experiences. Food Symphony live, Client hosting, Gingerbread challenges, Amazing Quiz nights, Blend it like Beckham smoothie challenges.

How Many People Can You Host?

From 8 to 250 at Social Cooking and up to 300 with Food Symphony off site in Wellington. We have partners in Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga and Dunedin and can run nationwide road shows.

Where Are You Located?

We can pop up anywhere for Food symphony, Smoothie challenges and gingerbread. We have a Social Kitchen on the corner of Cook and Nelson Street in Auckland, and at 20 Kent Terrace in Wellington.

How Long Do The Shows Take And What Times Can We Come?

Shows run normally for 3/4 hours. We run shows at 9 am breakfast Masterchefs, 1pm for lunch events and 6pm. but can integrate into any event.

Can We Drink When We Are There And Are You A BYO?

We are fully licensed (not BYO) and stock a range of drinks which is always chilled and ready. If you require specialty wine or beer please ask and we will seek it out for you.  – Check out the drinks list!

Allergies – Tell Us About Them!

We ask you in the pre-event summary for teams, and at that point pick individuals with allergies. We can cater for all allergies, including: Dairy and Gluten free, Vegetarians, and Kosher. You name it – we can always make people welcome and keep them safe.

Who Are The Chefs?

Our Chefs are typically international Chefs, or Chef tutors. They follow the proven Social Cooking event structure and judging matrix and will deliver a stunning and dynamic cooking show every time. Their knowledge and passion for entertainment will impress.

What’s The Story With Music?

We pay for professional up-to-date playlists that provide a fantastic vibe and energy.

Can We Be Competitive MasterChef Style?

We can dial up the pressure and competitiveness from relaxed and chilled out with little to no competition right through to uber competitive with the Hell’s Kitchen or MasterChef format. We have 11 cooking formats that will cover most event objectives.

What Are The Prizes And Judging About?

Every event tends to have some sort of competitiveness. We have developed the Social Cooking Judging matrix which is built up around the dish, taste and presentation. We eat with our eyes, therefore presentation is key. Love notes and extensive quizzes throughout the event. Most events are won by a very close margin. We encourage teams to strive to win 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last (“Wooden Spooners”) if needed, plus “Messsiest”, “Cleanest”, and “Most Improved”. You can add in spot prizes!

Can We Have A Meeting Before Hand At Social Cooking?

Yes. We have space for 50 seated in Auckland and 30 in Wellington.

What Happens After The Event Finishes?

Stay on and chat with the chefs and have a drink. Its your place to enjoy.

What Else Can You Tell Us?

We can work to almost any budget and we love building events and new concepts on the fly. If you have an idea or team building concept that can go with food, chefs in or out of our kitchen we will develop those thoughts. We love working up fresh new ideas.

Thanks for taking the time to work through this. Click here for more info.

Please mention “QnA”, and we will offer you a couple of bottles of wine when you book!

Call Graham for events in Wellington 0275 526 335 or,
Call Karen, the Auckland Manager 022 584 9200.